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Sew in Vogue Collection FFW 2015 Designer Showcase

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Sew In Vogue Collection

Designer Jenee Dionne



Born in Denver, CO Jenée Dionne was raised into a family of artistic creativity. Encouraged by generations of artistry, she began sketching and crafting jewelry at an early age. She soon learned that creativity knows no boundaries, as it provided a sense of freedom.

With an ingrained love for the arts, she relocated her family of three children to Atlanta, GA imbibing in the soulful spirit of the city. Alongside her children, she handcrafted jewelry which ultimately let to the Jurney Jurray collection that organically expanded from accessories to designer handbags. January 29, 2012 would forever change her life, as her youngest daughter DaVae LaVon passed away of a severe asthma attack at 7-years-old. The grave loss of her daughter has been challenging, but she maintains a promise to her children to strive to be triumphant through tragedy.

As her oldest daughter, Donyae Amón, began to express an interest in the fashion industry she began teach her to sew meanwhile pouring her pain into her sketches and designs. Alongside her daughter, she created her first ready-to-wear collection in 2013, which incorporated her handcrafted jewelry into the apparel. Following this collection, she designed “The Goddess Collection,” a direct result of pain, passion and inspiration. The Grecian-style gowns chose her, as she admires the symbolism of ancient Grecian women that she believes is embodied by every woman. Striving to make each piece better than the last, she continues to put her best efforts forward into her latest “Red Carpet Collection.” Jenée Dionne is living by her motto “Embrace creative energy to empower others to make a statement of beauty.”

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