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Scarlie Paul OIFW 2014 Designer Showcase

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Scarlie Paul, often simply known as Scarlie P, is a Haitian/ American mogul that was born in Hartford, CT and raised in Atlanta, GA. Her father had her enrolled in various performing arts schools and was first exposed to singing and dance competitions as a child. Her father was a musician and would often have Scarlie P participate in some of his rehearsals.

Music and Fashion has always been her passion, and in 2005 she enrolled at The International Academy of Design and Technology for a Fashion Design and Merchandising. After attending school she decided to start pushing more towards her career and began incorporating her love for fashion into her work. “It’s just me, even the clothes I wear for a simple photo shoot. It’s all suppose to come together into one concept and bring out who I am. I really look up to Michael Jackson because he was himself and it worked. He was a trendsetter and a genius, effortlessly”, states Scarlie P.

In 2015 she plans on turning all of her visions into reality. She’s currently working on a few projects that she says that she is very excited about. “As long as I can wake up doing what I love, I’ll be content. I went to school for a reason – I want everything to be my creation. My designs , my ideas, and my look, my creations “. Her only focus is success and with her drive and dedication, Scarlie P looks forward to the upcoming year. Her Fashion line will be showcased early February, 2015.