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Rosemary Vargas Collection OIFW 2015 Designer Showcase

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Le Maison de la Rosse

Rosemary Vargas



My name is Rosemary Vargas. I was born in a small town in Puerto Plata, Dom. Rep. Since I was a little, my dream was to be a fashion designer . I never liked wearing the same clothes as others so I waited until a style had passed for me to wear it. My parents were never involved in my life, so I would have to make my way on my own. When I was 11 yrs old, I would go see my sister, whom at the time worked at the art school “La Laie” that belonged to my aunt Irina De Fernandez. The 1st fashion and modeling school in Santiago, Dominican Republic. I owe her who I am in every aspect in my life. My aunt began to notice that I was interested in fashion. So she gave me a job as her assistant and also a full scholarship when I was only 12 years old. The first class I took was haute couture, the designing and making of high- quality fashionable clothes. I graduated from the class at age 15 and then continued onto fashion design and finished at age 20 when my father abrup tly brought me to the United States.

As a designer my style is elegant, sexy and classic. I like to mix different elements, materials, textures, and colors to make the perfect garment as the perfectionist I am. As a woman and fashion designer, I believe that every woman has her own beauty, and by choosing the right clothes, with the right body shape and style she can look like a diva. Fashion is all about color, elegance, creativity, sexiness, and glamour. To have a good wardrobe with the perfect garments you don’t have to be wealthy all you need to know is your style and how to choose the right accessories, shoes and makeup that will best accompany your outfit. Most importantly by knowing your body and last but definitely not least by knowing yourself.

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