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Rich & Norelis Collection OIFW 2014 Designer Showcase

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Rich & Norelis Collection

Designers Rich & Norelis



Richard Dean and Norelis Arroyo met in June 2013. Rich works in the special projects department with tasks ranging from hand painting to fiberglass, bondo and molding while Norelis works the hectic cutting table and the gerber patterning room. They were merely faces at work, however; after six months of working in the same place, with an occasional passing by or good morning, it was a 2 person elephant costume that brought them together. They began to learn about each other and noticed that they had many things in common, like attending the same school for Fashion Design and Merchandising, sharing creative ideas and enjoying sunsets to cap off a productively stressful day. An invitation to attend a January fashion show that Norelis was being showcased in definitely sparked Richs’ interest, and not just in fashion. Slowly getting to know one another during sunsets and empanadas, this friendship blossomed into something neither were expecti ng, or looking for. So from happenstances, coincidences, wishful thinking, daydreams and aspirations Richard Dean and Norelis Arroyo have joined together to bring you a collaborative line called Muse.