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Nailuj Villarroel Collection CAFW 2015 Designer Showcase

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I was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1974. I graduated as Fashion Designer in the Monsignor of Talavera Fashion Institute in Caracas. I have had the experience as Fashion Designer in Central Florida for the last 9 years.

I have been participating in local and Internationals Runways like JudahFlo 7th Anniversary 2014, Discover Your Beauty, Tampa/Hispanic Fashion Show, Designing for the Troops, Heart of Rumania Fashion Show & Paul Mitchell Fashion Show, Hispanic Business and Fashion Consumer Expo, Latin Beauty Show, Orlando Fashion and Beauty Show, Christian Fashion Runway. And Dominican Republic Fashion Week 2010 with well-known designer like Luca Luca (EU), Nicolas Felizola (VEN), Custo Barcelona (ES), Adela Dore (DR), Jorge David (DR), Damaris Rubio (DR), Marisu Miranda (ES), Miguel Genao (DR), Miguel Chong (HON), Luis Dominguez (DR), Eddie Guerrero (PR), Giovanni Scutaro (VEN), Esther Idrovo (EU), Jenny Polanco (DR), Arcadio Diaz (DR), Angel Sanchez (VEN), and others.

I also have been the Exclusive Fashion Designer for local Beauty Pageants like “Miss Munda Latina 2014”, “Miss Puerto Rico US”, “Little Miss Universe”, “Miss Mundo Latina”, “Miss Central Florida”, “Miss Hispana International”, “Miss Iberoamerica” and “Miss Puerto Rico US”.

I have worked as well in the Entertainment industry; as a Wardrobe Director for an independent film produced in Kissimmee area in 2011. I have worked in my beginnings in the important theme parks of the area; Universal Studios, Disney & Sea World. Actually, I manage the Costume Shop of Metropolis Productions where I have been working for 4 years. In this company I have had the opportunity to advise and mentor Students, from the now named Sanford Brown College, that are looking forward in improving and learn more about the exciting Fashion Industry.