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Dorothée Hilaire Collection OIFW 2014 Designer Showcase

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Dorothée Hilaire Collection

Designer Dorothée Hilaire



Dorothée Benjamin Hilaire was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti November 23, 1989. Throughout her childhood, she developed an interest in entertaining others. In her family she was considered as the string that holds everyone together because she always made sure that everyone had a smile on their face; she loved to sing, dance and draw for family and friends. At the age of five, she often stayed at her grandmother’s house for the weekends; one day, she noticed her grandmother’s sewing machine which increases her curiosity. Even though she was too young to have access to the sewing machine, she was able to get her hands on a needle and thread, than soon started wrapping fabric around her dolls to make cloths for the¬m.
At the age of 12, she moved to Orlando Fl and there she fell in love with the cultural diversity that surrounded her. It was not until high school she started getting back to what motivated her as a young girl and that’s when she became part of the choir at her school and also a member of the drama club which introduced her to musical theatre. Towards her senior year in high school, she started to sketch clothing for fun not knowing it would be the path of her career.
After graduating high school she decided to further her education at Sanford Brown College majoring in Fashion design & merchandising. Throughout college she discovered self love through Afrocentric Art and History and wanted to make it a goal to share the little that she learned with the world through her clothing designs. Wanting women to feel like royalties, she made it a goal to turn classic pieces into wearable art as she promotes power and beauty. Her collections represent familiarity and strength from all aspects of life. With many shades of color, she celebrated the different shades of life by welcoming diversity with open arms.