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CJG Collection OIFW 2014 Designer Showcase

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CJG Design Collection

Designer CJ Golden



Born in Germany in 1988, CJ lived in Europe until the age of 3 before moving to the United States with his parents. They lived in south Florida until he was about about 8 years old and they moved to Orlando where he grew up and graduated high school. He has always had a strong sense of fashion and individuality, which eventually lead him to pursuing his realized dream in the fashion industry at the age of 20.

CJ earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising from The International Academy of Design & Technology (IADT) Orlando, with a focus on Men’s clothing design. His experience includes years of retail and customer service in addition to visual merchandising, party planning, personal shopping, entertainment consulting, editorial writing, photo shoots and other fashion related experience.

It is his ultimate goal of starting a full-scale fashion brand and label with multiple lines, focusing on Men’s fashion and eventually to included Women’s fashion as well. He will change the world in cosmic ways.