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Damy Adesanya Collection

Designer Damy Adesanya



My inspiration and vision for ÀKANBÍ all started in October 2014, right before my daughter’s 5th birthday. After her first visit to Nigeria early that year, we brought back African fabric garments that we both wore to church. Many people admired the patterns and asked about where they could get similar unique fabrics and patterns. Unfortunately, there was no clear-cut answer as I quickly realized there was a gap in finding these authentic garments online or in a store.
The lack of access to authentic African fabric garments can sometimes be a frustrating or even an intimidating experience. Why? Simply put – It belongs to a small niche market where the players are limited – at least, in the United States. Some have never had the opportunity to visually see these beautiful fabrics, let alone know of its existence.
Today, many people have to rely on friends and family members traveling to or from Africa in order to bring back these authentic garments or fabrics. More often than not, the items arrive not meeting the buyer’s specifications and style due to the lack of accessibility and visibility. My vision for ÀKANBÍ is to provide access to ready-to-wear clothing designed with African fabrics, serve as a channel to educate consumers about African heritage and promote more awareness to the beauty and richness of the African culture through fashion.

ÀKANBÍ will take the stress out of shopping and allow consumers to shop online for ready-to-wear clothing designed with authentic African wax fabrics at any place and at any time. We will streamline your shopping experience and simplify the buying process. Every ÀKANBÍ garment is uniquely designed to meet U.S. standard measurements and is a blend of modern designs using African fabrics.

The Meaning of ÀKANBÍ: It’s an alias given to the first male child of a family that is also a second born in the Yoruba tribe from Nigeria. It means “Next Born” or “Born Next”

Damy Adesanya – Fashion Engineer.
Est. 2014